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ChatGPT can now see, hear, speak, and surf the web

Huge changes coming to ChatGPT

Hey, how are ya?

Today’s newsletter will be short and not what I promised last week.

I managed to mess up my back two days ago and have some nerves in squeeze, and I feel as flexible and bendable as a Roblox character…

But not to worry, I am not in much pain anymore; my wife gave me some colourful pills, and I never felt happier…

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Big news from ChatGPT

Last week, I promised to talk about the big news from Google about Bard and its developments. But that is a much larger topic to cover, so I will push that for another week.


But I did not want to leave you hanging. And since OpenAI announced huge updates to ChatGPT this week, including yesterday, I decided to cover it briefly today.

Last week, I spoke about how ChatGPT will be integrated with Dall-E and why that is a big leap forward for AI image generation. If you missed it, you can read it here.

Integrating images into ChatGPT basically means that ChatGPT is going “multimodal” (finally).

What is multimodal?

Multimodal refers to models that can understand and generate information across multiple modes or input and output types, like data, images, sounds, and videos.

But in the case of last week’s email, it was about ChatGPT integrating with the image-generative AI from OpenAI - Dall-E 3.

This week OpenAI has announced that ChatGPT itself will become multimodal and it will have abilities to understand images and voice. This is BIG!

So what does this mean, Thomas?

It means you can (very soon) go from chatting to conversing with ChatGPT - and give it images to add context or even discuss the image itself, and more.

The possibilities are endless.

Personally, I am having a lot of chats with ChatGPT about anything from marketing and business strategies to discussing business ideas or content I am producing or ideas for X.

But also; Goodbye Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant…

Not to mention that this is a pretty awesome step for people with disabilities.

And least not forget, talking is much faster than typing!

Personally, ChatGPT has made me 200-300% more efficient.

Soon I can just ask ChatGPT instead of typing…

I know, it is a bit of a futuristic sci-fi’ish, but it is literally here in 2023!

Imagine working on your computer and also having a conversation with ChatGPT on your iPad or phone…

That’s literally going to be my setup!!!

But wait… There’s more!

The headline said that ChatGPT will be able to surf the web!

Yes, that’s right, ChatGPT will be internet-connected!

One critique of ChatGPT is that its training data is limited to information up until January 2022.

If you ask it about anything after that, you will just get the generic message that it does not have any data past 2022.

(I know nothing about basketball, but I think Mavericks and Jazz are two teams in the NBA…)

A while ago OpenAI introduced “plugins” which made it possible to give ChatGPT a link and it would go read/process the information on that webpage and use that as knowledge in addition to what you feed it or it has itself (it works well, I’ve tried it).

Now “surfing” will be a native function of ChatGPT.

So why does this matter?

Things get’s easier and it can do more - and that’s a powerful combo!

As an SEO I work with clients to get their webpages to rank high in Google, preferably at the top of the first page (not the ads, but the “organic” part).

And yes, there is a lot of buzz these days about “SEO is dead”.

It is not dead, but it’s changing - fast.

Google SGE being one of the major changes to Google Search. But also Bing has their AI integrated (not that most of us care about Bing, to be honest…).

When ChatGPT will be internet enabled, maybe SEO for ChatGPT will be a thing?

Maybe we marketeers needs to learn how to optimize our customers webpages to be found in ChatGPT? Or any other AI for that matter…

One day soon we all will have a personal AI integrated with our phones, tablets and computers.

Thus, SEO for AI might be a thing soon!

What happens to SEO when Elon Musk’s AI brain chip Nuralink gets implanted in our brains?

Brain AI SEO?

I digress!

The point I am trying to make is that the more easy and capable these AIs become, the more adoption will happen.

I know many people who already use ChatGPT frequently, if not daily. Sure, they are not “pro users” like myself, but it is just a matter of time they figure out more ways they can use this “super power”.

Heck, my 16 year old and my 10 year old both use ChatGPT on a regular basis.

Now that it will be internet enabled, I suspect that useage will soar…

Family subscription to ChatGPT, anyone?

I think 2024 is going to be very very interesting year for AI and ChatGPT in particular!

Alright, that’s all my back can handle.

Time to call it a day…

What do you think about ChatGPT and the future it holds?

Excited or reserved?

Let me know by replying to this email or tweeting me @thomassorheim 

AI’ll be back!

- Thomas

What's a robot's favorite type of music? 




Heavy metal!

(Today’s dad joke courtesy of Bard)

This is not the end. It is where the fun begins!

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