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Hey AI fans,

I’ve got exciting news to share! At least, I believe it will be exciting for you...

When I started this newsletter in December 2022, my goal was to bring you a newsletter free from geek-speak, where complex terms are simplified and broken down into digestible bits even your family would understand.  The focus? AI tools, news, practical examples of AI in use, cool and crazy stuff.

It’s been quite the ride and I’m still just as pumped about AI’s impact on our world as I was when I first started playing around with ChatGPT.

But practically speaking … trying to manage my day job and bring you this newsletter has been more than I anticipated.

Memes and all 😁 

But, don’t worry! Practical AI is simply too important to die on the vine. I found another newsletter with the mission to serve as a “go-to guide for everyday, practical AI tools and innovations” called Here.Now.AI.  

Today, I’m announcing a merger of sorts – starting next Thursday, Practical AI will become Here.Now.AI with the same great information to keep you informed on all the latest AI wonders for work, home, and play. The newsletter founders are just as committed as I am to making AI accessible to everyone.  All three are good friends; two live in the tech epicentre of the San Francisco Bay area, the third is an Emmy-award winning content creator. You can read about the team here.

Justin Simpson, Co-owner of Here.Now.AI

I’ll continue as an editorial contributor from time to time, especially when I find an AI tool that’s too good to keep to myself.  We hope you’ll stay subscribed, help us grow our community and spread the word about Here.Now.AI

Just a note – you don’t need to do anything - the newsletters will show up in your inbox each Thursday from HereNowAI (just add them to your main inbox if they don’t automatically appear there). Also, of course, we will never sell, rent, or share your email address to a third party.

Here are a couple of examples of items sent out recently by my friends (they feature three or four sections every week)…

Let’s dive in!


Mind-blowing AI

In preparing our newsletter, we’ve come across many fun and interesting AI-powered tools. Some are designed to make life easier, some to make it more enjoyable. Occasionally, we find one that could be truly transformational.

HeyGen is an astonishing, new way to ‘speak’ a foreign language.

How it works: Justin recorded a brief video (in English) on his laptop introducing our newsletter. He then called up the HeyGen website. He uploaded his video with one click, and picked the language he wanted. Within a few seconds, the video was translated, dubbed, and returned to us, with what is recognizably his own voice! Also, pay close attention: Justin’s lips have been altered to sync with each new language.

Watch Justin here, speaking French. And here, speaking in Mandarin!

It's not a stretch to imagine that with a little more computing power, we will soon live in the world of simultaneous translation. Imagine FaceTime or WhatsApp with different languages on either side of the call, but with our own recognizable voices, and natural-looking lip movements.

While we’re waiting for that to happen, you can send a message to your French aunt or Portuguese grandfather in a language they’ll love!

The small print: HeyGen will let you try out the technology for free (as for these two videos) - look for the “Sign In for Free Credits” button on the top right. After that, $59/month will get you 30 minutes of video, with a max of 5 minutes each.

AI personalization in 2024 

Generative AI is about to add a personal touch to our daily lives. From AI-generated tailored meal plans, to personalized workout routines, this leap in AI technology will make our everyday experiences more convenient, enjoyable and uniquely ours.

Our homes are set to become smarter and more intuitive. Think about an environment that adapts to your mood with the right music, visuals, and even scents, all automatically adjusted to suit how you feel. Here are just a few of the many new tools and products on the market.

Meal Planning & Nutrition:

  • PlateJoy: Tailors meal plans to your dietary preferences and health goals.

  • EatThisMuch: Automatically creates meal plans based on your nutritional needs.

  • Yummly: Recommends new recipes aligned with your tastes and dietary restrictions.

Personal Fitness:

  • Freeletics: Offers AI-driven workouts customized to your fitness level and goals.

  • Fitbod: Personalizes strength training sessions considering past workouts and available equipment.

  • Aaptive: Suggests varied fitness classes based on your preferences and feedback.

Smart Home Technology:

  • Meural Canvas & Canvia: Display art that matches your mood and style preferences.

  • Philips Hue: Smart lighting that adapts to time, weather, and entertainment settings.

  • LIFX: AI-integrated bulbs change colors and intensity for the perfect ambiance.

In the coming year, we'll be taking a closer look and sharing our insights on AI-at-home developments. As AI advances, you can expect even more nuanced and sophisticated tools and experiences.


That’s all we had for you today!

Normally I sign off with an “AI’ll be back”.

Today, it’s “See ya later”.

It has been my privilege to inform and entertain you the last year. I am excited to pass the torch on to Justin, Lori and Lisa.

Thank you all for reading my ramblings and putting up with my memes!

- Thomas

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