I have not been this excited since ChatGPT

This AI will double my business… 

Hey there, AI fans

Today’s newsletter will be fairly short and to the point - I think 👏 

I got contacted by an AI company on Twitter. They wanted to know if I was interested in hearing about something new they were going to launch next week (this week).

First, I was happy to receive the info, but not sure I would necessarily feature whatever news they had.

Then, I got the email Monday morning…

Next week, my new AI newsletter is launching. It is focused on AI advances in cancer research, care, and cure. My mom died of cancer two years ago. If you, like me, know someone who suffered or died from cancer, or you work in the healthcare industry, then you should consider signing up here 👈

Big news in AI voice

I have meant to cover the many new advancements in AI and voice, but I have been pushing it and pushing it.

I covered AI voice a couple of earlier issues [here and here], but since then there have been some pretty insane advancements - they are as mind-blowing as they are scary…

However, many of the advances have been a novelty in my book – in other words, not so practical for “the rest of us.”

6 days ago, I got a DM on Twitter from ElevenLabs.

In short, they wanted to give me early access to their new demo and tool.

And let me tell you, they went from a novelty to a beast in 2.3 seconds (pun intended).

ElevenLabs’ latest development has so many practical use cases I have no choice but to cover them – despite I understand they hoping to get featured for free in the newsletter…

Well, guess what?

This tool is crazy, and it has soooo many use cases, making me happy to oblige!!!

ElevenLabs’ revolutionary AI Dubbing & Voice Translation  

We have been blessed with many new AI advances in the last 11 months since ChatGPT took the world by storm.

And while I am not sure this tool is as revolutionary as ChatGPT, it is certainly up there with the greats!

Automated Dubbing or Voice Translation is a process for translating and replacing the original audio of a video with a new language while preserving the unique characteristics of the original speakers’ voices.

Let me spell that out so even my 95-year-old granny will understand:

Step 1: Create a video or voice file.

Step 2: Upload it to ElevenLabs and choose the desired language.

Step 3: Let the AI do its thing.

Step 4: You now have a dubbed video/voice file with YOUR VOICE, but you are talking GERMAN, SPANISH, ITALIAN, or other languages.

Just like that…

Let me make so clear even my granny’s sister of 97 can understand:

1) The AI will take your voice.

2) The AI will replicate your voice.

3) The AI will translate the words you speak.

4) And then the AI will dub it with YOUR VOICE to your chosen language!

It looks like you. It sounds like you. But it is in a language you don’t speak!


Check out their demo video below!

But look at the picture first so you know how to access the dubbed version.

Are you not blown away by this?

I am!!!

When I was doing my AI podcast project in August, I contemplated expanding the project to also use ChatGPT to translate my script, use Fiverr to find a Spanish voice actor to read in Spanish, and send me the file, and I would edit the podcast.

I decided not to do it, as I was already spending 2 hours a day on the project and just did it for the fun of it/testing.

If I were to repeat the project or did it today, I would 100% include at least one more language because ElevenLabs just made me a hyper-efficient polyglot without the need for a team!

I, a one-person band, could suddenly create one podcast in English and have it dubbed in multiple languages in minutes without a team of 10…

With ChatGPT, I was able to create a daily news podcast in 2 hours.

With ElevenLabs, I could have added many more languages in less than an hour's extra work!

Do you know Mr Beast?

If you don’t, you are (too old or) not in his target group. In short, he is the biggest YouTuber in the world, with almost 200 million subscribers (2nd biggest channel in the world, but the biggest individual channel).

He dubs his content into multiple languages to reach a bigger audience. His Spanish channel has almost 26 million subscribers! That itself is insane from a YouTube perspective.

He has a huge team working on dubbing his videos in multiple languages.

ElevenLabs can now dub all his videos to Spanish (and other languages) using MrBeast’s own voice in a matter of minutes - at a fraction of the current cost!

Do you have kids? 

Or maybe you are in your late teens or early twenties?

If you fall into any of these groups, chances are you know the answer to the next question:

What is the number 1 thing kids today aspire to become?

When I was a kid, long ago, I wanted to be a helicopter pilot, a pop star, or a Hollywood star.

What do kids today want to be?


Youtubers, influencers, creators. Call it what you want; it is who the kids today look up to.

My daughter is the same.

Many my age (and up) often say about Youtubers/Influencers/Creators: “Get yourself a real job” or “YouTube is not a job”!

[I disagree with them]

But the fact is that being a YouTuber or creator is a real job!

Youtubers, or let’s call them creators, are the modern day actors, popstars, and entertainers.

Don’t believe me?

MrBeast is 25 years old, and his business employs 100s of people and has several hundre million dollars in turnover, and his business is estimated upwards of $1.5 billion in value.

Not a real job, you say, huh?

What about Justin Bieber? One of the biggest young idols of our time?

Yup, he started as a YouTuber!

5 Seconds of Summer? Same story.

Shawn Mendes? Same…

Charlie Puth? Same…. (I had to ask my 10-year-old, “Who the heck is Charlie Puth”?)

I can go on and on and on!

YouTubers have built million-dollar businesses on the back of their YouTube or Social Media presence.

Youtube/Social Media IS a viable way to “get famous,” make money, create a business, etc.

With ElevenLabs’ new AI, all Youtubers can, with a few clicks, make their content available to the almost 600 million Spanish speakers worldwide.

In other words, their audience size just exploded - and so did their revenue potential!

Or what about Spanish YouTubers dubbing their stuff into English? Now, they can reach another 1,35 billion people with their content.

But Thomas, what is the practical business case? I am not a YouTuber!


You should use video to reach customers!

  • Video testimonials.

  • Video ads on Facebook/Youtube/other.

  • Video for onboarding new customers.

  • Video advertising on traditional screens (TV).

Anywhere you can imagine using video or voice, you can now, with a few clicks, make it almost any language and STILL keep it in YOUR voice!

National TV, Local TV, Netflix, HBO… They just saved millions!

What about all the businesses operating in multiple countries, or they have employees with diverse backgrounds?

Now, the CEO can send a video message to the employees in all languages easily!

Educational videos? Internal training videos? No problem!

It is fast. It is cheap. It is inclusive.

The opportunities are wide and far-reaching.

How crazy is this new AI from ElevenLabs?

I have not been this excited as a business owner since ChatGPT!

To me, who is about to tackle YouTube for two of my businesses, this AI from ElevenLabs excites me insanely!

I run a podcast for my travel business. Bet ya’ I will start doing that in Spanish, French, and German too!

This AI is a HUGE opportunity for that business!

What do you think about this AI dubbing and cloning stuff?

Are you as excited about this tool as I am?

Do you see this as a useful tool to elevate your business and reach new markets?


Let me know your thoughts!



That’s all I had for you today!

Until next week, AI’ll be back!



Why was the robot so bad at making friends?




Because it always pushed people's buttons!

(Today’s dad joke courtesy of ChatGPT)

This is not the end. It is where the fun begins!

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