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Is the Rabbit 🐰 the oh-shit moment for AI?

This changes everything…


Bunny Ears Up, this is the future! 

From rabbit holes to Silicon Valley, this is how AI will be deeply integrated into your daily life. 

Put a saddle on that rabbit 🐰and let’s go! We’re ridin’ into the future in this issue! 


Listen up… 
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Follow the white rabbit

Remember when Neo followed the white rabbit in The Matrix?

Now, it's your turn to follow the Rabbit.

Forget toggling between apps or scrolling for options.

Speak your desire, and watch as your world syncs to your needs.

Whether it's setting the perfect ambiance with music or planning your evening out, you're now at the helm of an AI-assisted lifestyle, charting your course in a world where technology listens and responds

Enough with the tease, show us the damn Rabbit! 

Not impressed? 

Neither was I when I first saw a picture of it. 

But then… 

…then I started seeing the various demos by people invited to the launch event, and things started clicking for me.

Have a look at this video

This is just a quick look that does not show much of the capabilities of the Rabbit R1. But if you have time, you can watch the full launch video below. 

However, if you just want to see what it can do, skip to 8:45 for the demonstration (I already added the “skip” in the YouTube video for you!)

Pretty neat, huh? 

Let's be technical for a minute

I will condense the technical mumbo jumbo to a few bullet points. 


  • 2.88-inch touch screen

  • Rotating camera

  • 2.33Ghz processor (MediaTek)

  • 4GB memory

  • 128GB storage

  • Battery life: all-day

  • Rabbit OS (their new OS)

  • AI, but not an LLM, but a LAM (Language Action Model)

  • Speaker, microphone (duh)

  • Wireless connection (wifi, Bluetooth)

  • Scroll wheel and a button

  • Cost $199

  • Already sold out! The first production run went in a few days (10,000). You can Pre-order if you want one. 

What it does

If you watched any of the videos above, you got the main point already and should just skip to the coolest part of this tech (next section). 

But if you didn’t watch the video, here are some worth mentioning.

Their AI, LAM, Large Action Model, has been trained by humans to interact with apps. While you don’t have apps inside the Rabbit, the AI will interact with apps on your behalf through a voice interface. The AI has been trained on things such as Spotify, Uber, Doordash, and many more services you today access from your phone via an app. 

But instead of putting all these apps into the device, they created an interface “in the cloud” that the device communicates with to perform the tasks you ask the Rabbit to do. 

The screen’s purpose is “mainly” to show you what it plans to do, for you to confirm its action. Almost like a layer of control before taking action. 

Sure, you can watch graphics and videos too, but at 2.88 inches, it is not a device like our phones. It is an assistant that helps you with stuff, where you communicate with the AI over conversations. 

But what about apps and tasks that the Rabbit hasn’t been trained on? 

No problem! 

The Rabbit has a dedicated training mode! 

In training mode (you log in to your profile online), you show the rabbit what and how you want something to be done, and the Rabbit repeat those actions on its own going forward. 

Imagine the device is in the hands of thousands… It will be a mass crowdsourcing event, giving this little device “superpowers”,  and able to perform an enormous amount of tasks. 

This suggests that the Rabbit will become exponentially more powerful as time passes! 

Why it is Revolutionary and the Future Rabbit

Jesse Lyu and the team have effectively reimagined how we interact with our mobile devices and returned to first principles thinking. 

Some people have dubbed this a Steve Jobs iPhone moment. 

I think it might be, to some extent, at least. 

Sure, Jobs was considerably more eloquent than Jesse, and the Apple iPhone changed the telecommunications landscape and much more. 

Maybe the Rabbit isn’t of this scale yet. But I think it is a first step and a glimpse into how we will interact with AI in the near future. 

We have had voice assistants like Siri and Alexa for a long time - but let's be frank - they suck!

Rabbit is lightyears different from today’s voice assistants!

So let me tell you the reason why I decided to cover the Rabbit R1 in the first place… 

I listened to an interview with Jesse on the This Week in Startups podcast, where they discussed the future of Rabbit and where it is going. 

And this blew my mind completely! 

Today, the computer chip inside the Rabbit is about the size of half a playing card. They did not try to make it smaller than this, as it sits inside the Rabbit R1 well enough.

But when computer chips get even smaller than they are now - which is basically around the corner - Jesse dreams of having the Rabbit live inside your headphones… 

Not your “over-ear” headphones, but inside your AirPods headphones. 

Saaaaay what??? 

Imagine having an AI assistant living inside your AirPods, inside your ear, always on, always listening to your voice and your commands. 

Just ask a question or give a command, and in a second, the AI tells you, in-ear, the answer or does what you asked of it…

That is revolutionary!  

That is just a step away from permanently putting the thing inside your head (which is what Elon Musk is trying to do with his Neuralink company). 

So, back to the question: Was the Rabbit launch an “iPhone moment”? 

We will only know the answer in the future, but chances are it might actually be an “iPhone” moment! It might be once the processors get smaller - we are almost there! We also need the battery technology to improve so it can power these things for a full day in “always listen” mode. We are close to that happening too…

Therefore, to me, Rabbit R1 is a revolutionary device! But more than anything, it gives us clear indications about what the future looks like!

A bigger question might be: do you want to have an “always on” radio transmitter a few millimeters from your brain 16 hours a day? 

That’s all I had for you today. 

But I quick question before I hasta la vista. 

When you look at my memes, are you making facial expressions and repeating the words (inside or out loud)? 

Reply with a yes/no please 🔥

AI’ll be back 🤖



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