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The world's first win in court using ChatGPT!

PLUS: I created my new brand guidelines using AI

Good morning, good afternoon, good evening, wherever you are in the world…

Today is one of those days where I wish I did daily newsletters, as there is so much news in AI every day now…

But, that’s not how we do it over here.

One deep dive per issue is our jam.

Except for today - today, you get two for one!

Today’s two headlines

  • Christopher won in court using ChatGPT and Claude 2

  • I used ChatGPT to rebrand the PractialAI newsletter

Christopher won in court using ChatGPT and Claude 2

My friend Christopher Brock is the first to win a court case in the USA, representing himself “Pro Se” (representing himself without a lawyer) using ChatGPT and Claude 2 as his sidekick.

In October 2022, he got a citation for building a small shed on his property in Hamilton County.

This week, he won his court case!

Christopher decided to embark on this battle alone, and as luck would have it, ChatGPT was released “into the wild” at the end of November 2022.

He started using ChatGPT to assist him in fighting for his rights and getting through the bureaucratic system.

Christopher has no legal background - he is an entrepreneur and techie.

I wrote about Christopher back in February in the “Is AI the ultimate lawyer” issue.

Christopher started utilizing ChatGPT by uploading legal information already prepared for an appeal.

He asked the AI to run through it and help him create motions, briefs, and memorandums.

The information and texts he got from ChatGPT were written as well lawyers would have written them, according to him.

He fed the AI all his information and trained the AI on his case. In this way, he could continue to work on his case with the help of “a trained” ChatGPT.

The AI gave him lots of helpful input, and it could explain legal jargon and procedures in ways that made him able to respond or argue his case confidently.

Imagine this: a commoner without any law expertise, using a free tool to stand up against the government and court system…

Christopher filed six or seven motions and fought in two courts to get to this dismissal.

Tuesday this week, all his hard work paid off!

He recorded a video of himself just after exiting the courthouse with the documents proving he won.

In case it does not work, here is the link to the Facebook video: https://www.facebook.com/reel/1010576870122619 

I must say that AI, despite the scary sides, represents a big shift in power and abilities for “the small guy.”

Has there been any more democratizing technology?

Today, all of us “Davids” have superpowers at our fingertips to fight the Goliaths of the world.

If that is not crazy amazing, I don’t know what is.

Big congratulations to Christopher for winning his case!

Christopher also runs one of the most popular (and free) ChatGPT Facebook groups, with almost 240K members. You can join his group here if you are interested.

I used ChatGPT to rebrand the Practical AI newsletter

After deciding to return to writing this newsletter two weeks ago, I felt it was time for some changes...

A change in logo and profile, but also an overall update of “the brand.”

I am no designer, marketeer, or branding expert.

And I am not making a dime on this newsletter (It costs me $50 a month to run it).

So, paying someone to redesign stuff for me is basically out of the question.

This is a scenario I bet many other entrepreneurs and small business owners can relate to.

So what do you do?

Ask your nephew who has a computer with Corel Paint? (Did I just expose my age…?).

Or should I ask ChatGPT?

That's probably an obvious answer since I don’t have a nephew…

(I made this meme because I wanted a picture of a cute kid in here)

But in all seriousness, the obvious choice was to turn to ChatGPT.

I could probably have used Claude 2, also.

Or Bard.

But I am rambling…

I went to ChatGPT with GPT-4, my “weapon of choice”.

This is what I asked it:

And if you have noticed that today’s newsletter is slightly different than before, this is why…

I have changed the colors, the font, and the logo, all following the recommendations I got from ChatGPT.

Once I got all I needed from ChatGPT, I realized this would have been a cool use case to share with you…

Unfortunately, I did not have the brains to think about that before I started, so I did not document anything.

Since I was already deep into the process, I decided to go all the way with this branding stuff!

I went on to create a “Brand Guidelines” document for Practical AI, so I could at least show you that…

I don’t know what these things look like, but I remember seeing one many years ago.

So, I did my best to make something that resembled that.

To stay with the whole “doing everything with AI” thingy, I tried to use Canva’s AI to create a logo and “branding stuff.”


However, I did not want a complicated logo, and Canva does have a lot of great “bits and bobs” in their tool suite.

And since I have a pro subscription, I used Canva the “old way” - keeping the fonts and colors in mind according to ChatGPTs instructions.

Are you curious how the “Practical AI Brand Guidelines” turned out?

And while I don’t think this “rebranding exercise” is a great idea for large corporations, I think for new companies, entrepreneurs, and small businesses with a minimal budget, this offers a great opportunity to get branding work done which is coherent and “good enough” for basically free (in my humble opinion).

I know designers and brand specialists are probably triggered right now, but it is what it is…

I did not have time to create a video for my brand spanking new Youtube Channel this week, so maybe I will do this one more time with another company I own and document the full process.

Would that be interesting for you to see?

Just hit reply and say “Yes” or “Barbie” (I saw the film this week 😬 ), or something like that, and I will make it for next week’s newsletter.


If you don’t want to try your hand with Canva Pro, there are several AIs that can create a logo for you, like DesignsAI or Logopony.

I have not tried them, but the options are out there.

Alternatively, Canva has a logo tool, too (I think even in their free version).

An ask

I really want to get this newsletter out to more people.

I think that knowledge about the use of AI is important for businesses and humans in general.

I would greatly appreciate it if you would share this newsletter with someone.

Forward it, share it on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or your preferred social media.

Thank you in advance!

If you have any questions about AI or any feedback, just hit reply or tweet me @thomassorheim 

That’s all for today!

AI’ll be back!

- Thomas

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